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Warranty Information

Replacement Parts

Should you need parts for your Excalibur products you may contact our parts department by calling 909-591-2438.

Customer Assistance

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle, you should contact the service department at the dealership where you acquired your Excalibur product. Any warranty issue can only be inspected and verified by the service department of selling dealer and claimed by the selling dealer, not by the consumers (end user). If the inquiry or concern is not resolved in a reasonable time period, you may contact Excalibur Motorsports for assistance.

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Limited Warranty on Excalibur Products

Except as otherwise indicated, the Excalibur New ATV / Dirt Bike / Motorcycle / Scooter / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart/Side x Side (UTV) Limited Warranty extends to the original retail purchaser and all subsequent owners of the vehicle, when registered (online registration or fill out and mail the CONSUMER MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION FORM), normally operated and maintained in the United States, during the warranty period soly at authorized selling dealers' discretion.

1. Coverage

1.1 This warranty covers repair parts needed to correct defects in materials or workmanship or malfunctions of your Excalibur vehicle. This is subject to the exceptions listed under "not covered".

1.2 DEALER WARRANTY: Except as otherwise indicated, this warranty covers your Excalibur ATV / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart/Side x Side (UTV) (except for 'wear and tear' parts) for SEVEN (7) months from the date of purchase from Excalibur Motorsports and Excalibur Motorcycle / Scooter (except for 'wear and tear' parts) for One THIRTEEN (13) months o or 3,000 miles (except those listed separately) whichever occurs first. Electrical components for FORTY-FIVE (45) days (excluding bulbs), FORTY-FIVE (45) days on the battery and TIRES, from the original date of purchase from Excalibur Motorsports. ONE (1) year warranty for UTV and SCOOTER engine mechanical components (except those list below). It is at dealer's sole discretion to offer warranty in different terms other than Excalibur's basic warranty to end users.

1.3 COMMERCIAL WARRANTY: For vehicles used on a commercial, business, rental or hire. All the sales registered under commercial use should be identified in the bill of sale/invoice as commercial sale. This warranty covers your Excalibur products (except for 'wear and tear' parts) for FORTY-FIVE (45) days or 500 MILES whichever occurs first. Electrical components for THIRTY (30) days including battery (excluding bulbs) from the original date of purchase from Excalibur Motorsports. It's at selling dealer's discretion to offer warranty in different terms for commercial use of vehicle.

1.4 Any Excalibur Authorized Dealer in the United States will make the necessary arrangements to correct and adjust defects covered under this warranty.

1.5 Replacement parts for warraty purposes (if qualified and honored) will be provided at no charge to dealers excluding shipping charges. A reasonable time span (not exceeding 30 days) must be allowed after taking your Excalibur vehicle to the dealer or repair facility for repairs and adjustments. Excalibur Motorsports does not provide labor warray whatsoever. Excalibur Motorsports may offer labor warranty in the future when an agreement is reached with the warranty provider and all dealers will be notified.

1.6 Regular adjustments and maintenance is the sole responsibility of the owner. Repairs needed due to improper maintenance, are not covered under this warranty.

1.7 Any implied warranties applicable to Excalibur ATV / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart / Side x Side (UTV) / Motorcycle / Scooter, including those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this written limited warranty.

2. Not Covered (No warranty claim will be honored if vehicle registration card is not filed with Excalibur Motorsports)

2.1 Repairs done without prior authorization from Excalibur Motorsports.

2.2 Any defects, malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse (e.g. racing, overloading), accident, negligence, modification, alteration, tampering, disconnection, improper adjustments or repairs, add-on or modified parts, use of fuels, oils lubricants other than those recommended in the Owner's Manual.

2.3 Damage to a Excalibur part or accessory caused by parts or accessories not provided or approved by Excalibur Motorsports.

2.4 Normal (under defined parameter) noise, vibration, wear, tear or deterioration is not covered.

2.5 Damages caused by failure to follow the manufacturer suggested minimum brake-in requirement.

2.6 Damages and malfunctions caused by use of vehicle in a manner which is not designed for.

2.7 Items that require scheduled replacement and maintenance including fasteners, retightening wheel alignment, carburetor adjustment, ignition timing, clutch & brakes adjustment, headlight focusing, gear shifting, controls levers, play adjustments fuel filter and air filter cleaning.

2.8 Minor repairs not associated with the replacement of Excalibur parts

2.9 Corrosion caused due to negligence.

2.10 Cleaning and/or replacement of filters, spark plugs (except as required by a specific mandate issued by the State of California) worn brake and clutch pads/disc and normal maintenance.

2.11 Inconvenience, expenses, damage or commercial loss due to use of the vehicle (including, but not limited to: lodging bills, vehicle rental, and loss of pay or other incidental or consequential damage).

2.12 Environment-caused damage such as deterioration resulting from airborne fallout such as: chemicals, tree sap, organic material, salts, hail, windstorms, lightening, acts from God, etc.

2.13 Salvage Titles - the New Excalibur Products Warranty does not apply to a vehicle which is rendered void if such vehicle has been issued "salvage" or "total loss" or equivalent by any insurance company or such company compensates a payment in lieu of repairs because of a determination that the cost of repairs exceeds the actual cash value of the vehicle.

Regular Check-Ups & Maintenance (Owner's responsibilities)

As an owner of a Excalibur ATV / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart / UTV / Motorcycle /Scooter, you are responsible for proper operation, maintenance and care of your vehicle in accordance to your owner's manual. Break-in procedure must be followed on all products for the first 10 hours of operation on ATVs, dirt bikes and go-karts and 300 miles for motorcycles and scooters. Engine oil and gear oil must be replaced at that point by your selling dealer in order to keep the warranty in force. There is no exception.
You are responsible for taking your vehicle to an the dealer where acquired to obtain warranty service.
Make sure that the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is completed while taking delivery of the vehicle and make sure you sign and retain a copy.

It may be necessary for you to show your maintenance records of your vehicle; hence it is recommended to keep them. Some sates do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty will last or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Emission-Related System Defect Warranty

Excalibur ATV / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart / UTV / Motorcycle / Scooter are designed, manufactured and equipped to confirm to all applicable U.S. EPA regulations and stay to conform to EPA regulations during the time period under Federal Emission Control System Warranty.

Excalibur warrants vehicle emissions for a limited time. Whereas the vehicle is found to be non-compliant to these standards within the time period and circumstances specified by CARB (California Air Resource Board), Excalibur will take responsibility to repair or adjust your vehicle at no cost for any parts or labor done on the vehicle.

The warranty covering California Emissions is applicable to the vehicle only if all of the following criteria are met:

* The vehicle is certified for (CARB approved) and sold in California.
* The vehicle is registered in California.
* The vehicle fails a mandatory Smog Check inspection with a 5-year or 7,400 miles (12,000 Km) period from the time of first use.
* Any emission-related part in the vehicle is defective and causes the vehicle to stop conforming to federal, state or local emission standards.

The Warranty Covering California Emissions provided by Excalibur Motorsports will be denied in the case of abuse, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance or any modifications not approved by Excalibur Motorsports.

Owner of the vehicle has the responsibility for performance of the required maintenance listed in your Owner's manual. It may be necessary for you to show maintenance records of your vehicle in case of presenting a warranty-related claim.

Should you need parts for your Excalibur products you may contact our parts department by calling 909-591-2438.

Tire Warranty

The tires on your Excalibur ATV / Dirt Bike / Go-Kart / UTV / Motorcycle / Scooter are separately warranted by their manufactures. If you wish to receive the warranty benefits for the tires supplied with your new vehicle, please write us an e-mail to: or you can complete the request form and mail to us:

Excalibur Motorsports
14020 Central Avenue, Suite 530
Chino, CA 91710