New - Starter Clutch Disk Fit 500cc 700cc HiSUN QLINK SUPERMACH TOMOTO BIG MUDDY

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You should always use Genuine HiSUN products on your HiSUN vehicles to avoid any warranty issue or mechanical failures with low quality aftermarket products.

You are buying a brand new starter clutch disc for HiSUN 500cc & 700cc UTV

Free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the U.S.

Starter Clutch: Available for an additional cost

Ready to install: Yes

Shipping: Free within USA

Return: 14 days

Warranty: 30 days

Excalibur Part #: 31240-004-0000


Bennche Bighorn 500, 700, 700HD, 700X-HD

Excalibur UTV500-4, UTV700-4, UTV700-5

HiSUN UTV500, UTV700

MSU-500, MSU-700

Massimo Alligator 500, 700, 700-4

Menards Yardsport YS500, YS700

Qlink FrontRunner 500 EFI, 700 EFI, 700XL EFI

Supermach UTV500-BF-TL, UTV700-BF-TL


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review